Balance; it is the key to everything. Balance is an essential component in your daily physical, mental, and personal/work life. Imagine you're on a beam, not far off the ground, but far enough to fall if you make a misstep or are pushed one direction or another. The key to success in this situation is pure balance. In life, you must stay balanced, both physically and mentally and in your life in general.

If the activities in your life are off balanced, you may miss out on opportunities. You must have a proper ratio of work, fun, and relaxation. Without the perfect balance, you will miss out, become overwhelmed, and the areas of your life that you are neglecting, will well...become neglected.

Mental balance is just as important as physical balance. If you do not take the steps to stay mentally balanced, you can be overcome with stress and anxiety, then consequently, your personal and work life may suffer. If you encounter the feeling of mental imbalance or want to take preventative measures, here are some excellent go to activities!

  1. Light a candle, two, or maybe three...
  2. Look into aroma therapy- Get educated on the array of benefits essential oils can have in your life.
  3. Read a book
  4. Take a bath
  5. Go for a walk or a light jog

Luckily, all of these ideas can provide you with a multitude of benefits. Our favorite ways here at Delta Pilates to improve our health and balance are using essential oils, which can provide anything from relaxation, to pain relief or even improved focus and energy, and of course, we love to practice Pilates. Pilates can help you improve your balance, strength, AND can provide amazing stress relief.

We would love to see you come in to learn the art of pilates and we can help you start improving your life balance both physically and mentally!

Can't wait to meet you xx Kacie Lynn