How to keep your motivation from melting!

Well it is officially 117° here in Scottsdale this week! I don't know who came up with the term "dry heat" but it doesn't ring true for me. So, how do you keep your fitness goals in mind when you just want to melt into a puddle?

  1. Keep it simple! Write down a few small action steps you can do each week to keep working towards your goals.
  2. Keep it cool! If there is one great thing about living in the Valley it is the abundant supply of pools! Work on some underwater moves to help increase your resistance while staying cool.
  3. Keep hydrated! Water and electrolytes are key to keeping your body happy while you're staying fit in the heat. Lastly...
  4. Keep your appointments! Delta Pilates has offered virtual appointments since its inception to help keep our clients on their journeys and support them no matter where their travels lead. Keeping a dedicated appointment on the calendar helps to build accountability and structure.

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