The Reformer

This class will reform your body by using one of the most widely known pieces of Pilates equipment – the Universal Reformer. Following a Classical workout formula, students will work their total body in order to develop and maintain a balanced physique.

So what exactly does that mean and just what is a reformer anyway?


In the photo above Alexis and Mara are performing a Thigh Stretch on the reformer.

The ladies are kneeling on the carriage, which slides within the wooden frame. The movement is controlled using the pull straps as seen above or using the adjustable foot bar. The foot bars above are pictured in the down position.

The springs below Alexis’ hair (Hair up next time, please Alexis! Safety first!) provide resistance in tandem with your body weight. The 5 springs are color coded by amount of resistance and are adjusted throughout the class.


This photo shows Alexis leading a class in the Side Split Series. The foot bar is down and a Side Split Platform has been added. Safety first!

On the opposite end of the carriage from the springs are the shoulder blocks and headrest. The headrest is adjusted depending on the exercise being performed. The shoulder blocks help to stabilize the body as you push or pull the carriage.

The Reformer is probably the most well known of all the apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates. All of the Reformer exercises promote balance, coordination, flexibility, fun, and strength.

The reformer is a versatile piece of equipment. Exercises are performed lying down, kneeling, sitting, standing on the carriage, on the long or short box, using additions such as the Side Split Platform, or standing next to the Reformer and a myriad of other ways.

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See you soon!