Class Descriptions

Appointments are required for all session types. Pre-requisite of ~10 private lessons or equivalent experience required for all group classes. Please call the studio for details (480) 455-0155.

Private Sessions on the Apparatus

Our most popular session type is a one-on-one lesson that is based around you, the client. You will work on all of the pieces of equipment guided by your expert instructor’s keen eye and your specific goals.

Duet/Semi-Private Sessions on the Apparatus

This is a great option to move into after you have completed your Beginner level sessions. You will work on all of the apparatus pieces with a group totaling 2-4 students. You will still work on the foundations you started in Private Sessions and be given the individualized attention you need to progress your practice to the next level. The best part about graduating to a duet/semi-private status? Lower rates! This means you can practice Pilates more often and will achieve the optimal 2-3 sessions per week at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Group Classes

All Levels Training

This class is appropriate for all levels of Pilates students. A full body workout utilizing the different Pilates apparatus, props, and variations.

Basic Training

This class is appropriate for all levels of Pilates students. It provides an introduction to (or a review of) basic Pilates concepts and exercises. Students gain experience and confidence with the Pilates apparatus while learning Pilates fundamentals, terminology, and etiquette.

Mat Class

No Pilates education is complete without a knowledge of the mat! Learn why Mat Pilates is the foundation of the Pilates Method and absolutely essential for anyone who wishes to bring their practice to another level. Stripped down without springs or props, the Mat Class is all about a student connecting with the Pilates Method and pushing his or her body to it’s fullest potential. Min 3 participants.

Reformer Bootcamp

This class will reform your body by using one of the most widely known pieces of Pilates equipment – the Universal Reformer. Following a Classical workout formula, students will work their total body in order to develop and maintain a balanced physique.

Tower Class

This innovative class combines Mat work with the Wall Unit (also known as the Tower) for a body sculpting workout. Utilizing the Pilates S’s, students work part strength and part stretch, while being stable and maximizing stamina.

Tower of Power

Taking the Tower Class up a notch, students will use the skills they’ve built during Tower to add on with props, variations, and a quick tempo leading to maximum results.


At Delta Pilates, we value your budget – not just your financial budget, but also your time budget. We know there are many things in your life that draw your attention, so we strive to make your session planning and pricing as easy as possible. Since your optimal practice includes 2-3 sessions per week, we have made it easy for you to choose which package works best for you while minimizing your costs to maximize your results.

Master Pilates Trainer
Private Drop In: $108 Package Rate: $88
Duet Drop In: $92 Package Rate: $72
Semi (3-4) Drop In: $82 Package Rate: $62

Staff Trainer
Private Drop In: $98 Package Rate: $78
Duet Drop In: $82 Package Rate: $62
Semi (3-4) Drop In: $72 Package Rate: $52

Group Classes
Group Equipment Classes Drop In: $50 Package Rate: $40
Group Mat Class Drop In: $30 Package Rate: $20

*Minimum package $300. Special discounts on packages over $550 are available!* All sales are final. All sessions must be used within 12 months.