A little note on self-care from Alexis

My clients come to Delta Pilates for a variety of reasons. Some are here to help with chronic injuries or keep those issues from coming back. Some just love the exhilaration of consistently practicing authentic Pilates. Some (cough cough - you know who you are) come here to talk about the latest red carpet dresses/celebrity gossip/restaurant visits, etc - and that's ok too.

The one common thread that we all share is that we are choosing to take time out of our day, our week, our life to say "this is an hour of self-care for me." It is sometimes hard to get to a place where we accept that we are worthy of an hour to ourselves, our method, our time to just do what we came here to do, whatever that may be.

I have a favorite saying - it's not mine, feel free to borrow it for your own purposes. "When you're on an airplane, you are instructed to put your own breathing mask on before you help anyone else." We cannot serve the other people, pets, jobs, whatever in our lives if we don't take time to keep ourselves healthy. So, if you haven't already, plan out how and when you can take time and put your own well being first - even if it's just for an hour.

xx Alexis