Get Lost

I feel the need to introduce myself, so… Hi, my name is Whitney and I’m new to the Delta Pilates team! I’m excited to see what my future here is like and to see how I learn and grow. Out of all the tasks I was given as an employee, the one that confused me the most was writing blogs. Maybe confused isn’t the best descriptor, this task has me a little lost and I do not enjoy being lost. I like to know how to and when to do something exactly when it needs to be done. The term lost to me just feels so absent and unconscious. But I also feel that this isn’t an unpopular opinion. Being lost seems to have a negative connotation in the century. So I challenge you to get lost and attempt to enjoy it. Take a moment out of your hectic day to close your eyes and get lost in your dreams, or take a different turn on your way home. There is so much to discover on this beautifully crafted earth of ours, so take the time to get lost and explore!

With Love and Pilates,

Whitney J