How to Keep Resolutions

At this time of the year, everyone SAYS their resolutions, because they have so much motivation, due to it being the New Year. They talk about how they are going to keep it the whole year, but within the next month, it is forgotten or unaccomplished. Have you ever wondered how that small percentage of people who actually go through the whole year with their resolution, are able to do so?

First, resolutions must be realistic. You cannot say you are going to never be negative, because mental resolutions are much more difficult to control than physical resolutions. Understand that some negative thoughts may slip, but just be mindful of them. However, you cannot say you are going to lose 20 pounds in a week, because that is not healthy. Both physical and mental goals must be achievable.

Second, WRITE your own resolutions down. It is proven true that when things are written down they tend to be remembered, because you can always go back to look at them. Try coming up with a resolutions to do with your spouse, loved one, best friend, or coworker to have someone to push you to succeed at your goals or when you don’t have the motivation for that one day.

Lastly, always tell yourself you can do it and that you are good enough to push yourself to accomplish your desired goal. Believe in yourself, because you are a strong individual. You made the goal thinking you could do it at the beginning and when it gets to be too much in the middle of accomplishing the goal, push yourself that much harder so you can tell people at the end of 2018 that you went through with your whole goal for an entire 365 days.