Staying grounded during challenging times

Everyone has a lot on their plate right now. I've heard many clients dismissing their own valid concerns with harmful language suggesting that their issues are not "as bad" or "important" as someone else's. There is no scale. There is only what we can control and what we cannot. When we focus on what we can control, we allow ourselves to stay tethered to our own issues (read: not worrying if you see someone in Target not following the rules) and let others' issues just be. They have their own full plate to deal with today.

Things I cannot control (so I can let go for my own sanity):

  • If others follow the rules of social distancing
  • The actions of others
  • Predicting what will happen
  • How much hand sanitizer is at the store
  • How long things will be out of sorts
  • How others react to news, social media, school stats, movie theater openings, restaurant attendance, etc. etc. etc.

Things I can control (so I will focus my energy on these areas to help me stay grounded):

  • My attitude and maintaining a positive outlook
  • How I follow guidelines to stay healthy
  • Limiting excessive news or social media exposure
  • Staying healthy by maintaining my Pilates practice
  • Allowing myself to disengage from people or situations that don't serve the list above

How are you staying grounded? Are you remembering to breathe? We have virtual sessions available every day of the week with all major time slots available. Even if you just want to check in and make sure you're doing your breath, MELT Method, Pilates homework or your favorite stretch sequence correctly, we're here for you!