Summertime in the Valley!

Summertime is here in the Valley! For some of us, that may mean an exciting vacation, or a break from the school schedule or a chance to shake up the routine. As we move exercise indoors - or at least earlier to avoid the heat - here are some tips to maximize your potential and keep yourself on track:

  • Make a plan and stick to it. Whether you’re at home or on a wonderful trip, make a plan to incorporate fitness into your day. You can easily take your MELT Hand and Foot Treatment with you anywhere or one of our creative instructors can hep you come up with a homework plan to fit your adventures. Sticking with your routing is much easier than it seems with a little bit of added guidance from the Delta Pilates staff!
  • Explore fitness classes. If it’s too hot for your favorite hike, check out an indoor spin class or a yoga seminar you’ve had on your radar. Mixing up your fitness routine is a great way for your body to keep guessing, learn new things and find a new passion!
  • Maintain your Pilates schedule. As we routinely discuss, Pilates is like a primer for your body. If you want to get out and wake board on vacation but your joints are inflamed or your low back is bothering you, you may cause more harm than good. At Delta Pilates, you’ll be working with a dedicated Pilates pro who will help guide your routine inside and outside of the studio to maximize your life. We can create custom plans to help you get in shape and stay out of pain no matter what your summer plans bring you.

Contact us to find out how we can help you enhance your summer by staying active and pain free!