Benefits of Pilates

We came across an article recently that very simply broke down all of the amazing benefits of Pilates. We thought it was excellent information to share if you are hesitant or not sure if Pilates is the right choice for you.

Possibly one of the most exciting aspects of Pilates is that anyone can do it, and everyone can achieve amazing results. Because there's no bouncing, jarring, or stress to your body, Pilates offers the ideal form of exercise for people who, because of joint pain or muscle weakness, shy away from exercise.

It's also convenient. You don't need any heavy, expensive equipment, and you can do Pilates anywhere, anytime. Some of the routines take less than 10 minutes, making Pilates the perfect form of exercise for anyone who finds there's not enough time in the day for exercise. You have 10 minutes to strengthen your abs and back, don't you? You'll start to see and feel results in as few as 10 sessions.

Just some of the many ways you can benefit from doing Pilates regularly include:

A Healthy, Supple Spine Pilates gives more support to your spine, creating space between each vertebra. That extra space not only makes you appear taller, it also creates more mobility, transforming your spine from a stiff rod into a supple string of pearls. This new suppleness prevents degenerative spinal problems, such as slipped disks.

Kinder, Gentler Conditioning If you're out of shape, Pilates provides a wonderful way to ease into any kind of fitness plan. Pilates puts no stress on your joints and no wear and tear on your ligaments and cartilage around your joints, especially your knee and shoulder joints. It conditions your muscles in a balanced way and increases your self-awareness by drawing your focus inward. In reality, Pilates is very rehabilitative. It's almost like going to physical therapy sessions. In fact, unlike other forms of exercise, you can safely do Pilates every day without overstressing your muscles or joints. To see results, however, you need to do Pilates only three times a week. But you have to be consistent. That's the key.

Improved Mental Outlook and Increased Motivation Pilates benefits your emotional health. The smooth, steady movements quiet your mind and soothe your nervous system. As you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, you'll improve your circulation and whisk tension away. Each workout will leave you feeling calm, balanced, and rejuvenated. Focus on letting the tension go, and you'll be on the path to a healthier body inside and out.

Better Balance, More Coordination In your 40s, balance starts to deteriorate as your muscles weaken and your nerve receptors lose sensitivity. Pilates reverses this aging process by stabilizing your core. Pilates works the small, deep muscles needed to keep your body steady when walking and your spine both supple and strong.

Less Pain and Stiffness If you suffer from osteoarthritis pain, you'll find that lengthening your body through Pilates will help soothe the soreness. Appropriate exercise is vital to managing arthritis because it increases flexibility for stretches and reduces pain and fatigue. Stretching helps pump vital nutrients to your muscles and tendons, which help keep them healthy and minimize your risk of injury. It also stimulates the production of joint lubricants (synovial fluid) and prevents adhesions. As circulation increases, your legs, back, neck, and shoulders loosen up, relieving aches and stiffness. Pilates also leads to subtle posture improvements, which will also eliminate tension, driving away headaches, backaches, neck aches, and other aches and pains.

Did you need more reasons? We didn't think so.

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Fall into better habits!

September is in full swing which means...can you believe it...Fall!! We know this time of year is always crazy busy and jam-packed with school, recommitting to busier schedules, and holiday season prep. It is so easy to get lost in the fog of the chaos and our health and wellness needs can easily fall by the wayside. Here are some tips to keep up your healthy habits during this hectic season change.

  1. Make sure you get your sleep. Setting a regimented sleep schedule can help you maintain immune function, metabolism and mental wellness.

  2. Switch from pumpkin spice lattes to the actual pumpkin! Pumpkin is a nutrient-dense fall favorite that can be consumed in MANY forms - pureed, roasted, and even in a pie! It boosts heart health, improves vision and has even been known to prevent certain types of cancer. And don't forget about those seeds! You can still have your pumpkin and eat it too :)

  3. Still, savor that sunshine. It may not be as hot, but the sun is still shining and you still need that vitamin D. So, get outside!

  4. Think activities...not exercise. Take those pumpkin and apple picking strolls for instance. As you walk through miles of orchards and fields you are also getting in a great walk/hike. Incorporating activities like this that feel "fallish" is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle without feeling like you're missing a workout in the gym.

The change of season always brings a bit of disruption to our lives but we don't need to let it get in the way of our health and wellness habits. Happy Fall everyone!

Summer is a state of mind...

Summer is a state of mind...a state of mind that can make it insanely difficult to stay motivated and enthusiastic about your fitness. We've all been there. But this is just a small reminder that consistency TRULY is key. Getting over that initial hurdle is the worst and it is so easy to fall before you can even get over it sometimes. But as we continue to push, even on the rough days, those tiny wins and those tiny "better choices" start to become the ones that make a major impact on your overall health. You CAN do this. Stick with it. Allow it to become a habit instead of a nuisance. Allow it to be your obsession for a little while until you notice it becoming second nature. Before you know it, your health and fitness will just be part of your everyday routine and you will be SO glad you got to that point. Don't give up. After all, it is bikini season ;)

New Year, New You.

Cliche, yes.

But the saying is so popular, right? Many of us like to use the new year as a chance to start over, get back on track, or start out on a journey you've never attempted to go on before. Many of us like to use the turn of the new year as a second chance. Or if you're anything like us, a 4th, 5th or 6th chance to finally get it right.

But this year, let's make the expression "New Year, New You" a reality.

People think getting in shape is cutting out all the foods you love, doing hard, strenuous, intense workouts until you throw up, and completely depriving yourself constantly just to lose a few pounds.

Not here. This is not the way ANYONE should go about changing their health.

Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a life sentence. Regular, consistent workouts that are tailored to your individual needs and some self-motivation is all you need. We all know how to eat right. We all know pizza tastes better than salad too...but we also know that pizza can still be enjoyed while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Moderation, consistency, and self-worth are all you need to crush your fitness goals this year.

Join us this 2019. Not only will you receive workouts that are made JUST FOR YOU and YOUR abilities, but the ability to work with multiple teachers and your choice of individual or group classes. You gain a family, and all the support you could possibly need.

So what are you waiting for? New Year, New You. Right?

Let's get started.

Halloween Tease'r-Treat!

Halloween Tease'R-Treat is here!

Hi everyone! We hope you are enjoying your October!

We wanted to let you know about our Halloween class that will be held on Wednesday, October 31 at 6:00 pm. Everyone knows how "frightening" teasers are so naturally that will be the first thing to happen during your Halloween group class...Muahahaha..... Also, this special Halloween class requires a costume but we know it's hard to work out in a full-blown Chewbacca costume. So please wear one that is fun and festive but still moveable and breathable.

After your spooky workout - you will enjoy the "treat" portion of the class which is of course, in typical Delta fashion, a delicious Halloween themed cocktail.

We are so excited to host this fun and new event and hope you can make it!

Book your spot now - they're going fast!

Happy Halloween!!


Happy Monday! So I’m currently reading this book called, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who's planning on looking into it, but I do want to steal a little excerpt from it that has already impacted me. Sincero says, “ All energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Which means you’re vibrating at a certain frequency, and everything you desire and don’t desire, is also vibrating at a certain frequency.” She explains further by basically saying that positives and things you want vibrate at a high frequency and negatives and things you don’t want to vibrate at a low frequency. And since vibrations attract alike vibrations, if you operate at a high frequency, you will attract positive experiences and things you want. I love this so much because I’ve noticed that when I’m in an amazing mood, life just flows with that and vice versa. So remember as you continue this week and life in general, try to remain at a high frequency; you never know what you might attract.